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Duplicate woops. 

Duplicate woops. 

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err no it seems you dont want them

oh for the love of christ.  well i cannot say i am enamoured with your site but after just having reviewed a product for yamaha i thought since i had seen your request for user reviews i would slap it up here too.  what i get in return is

Our staff have read your review and value your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

no indecation of what the issue was, no please remove this (i always do two, a full lenght  of about 3000+ words and a quick review of about 500) and i had included a link to the full one rather than post the giant one. i suspect that was the issue but nothing from the infinetly unhelpfull people you now have running the site on your behalf. 


if you would like it, then please contact me.  i cant imagine off my own back i shall attempt to bother again and play a game of wack a mole trying to adapt something to whatever it they want.  terribly dissapointed.

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No "iFi" products available via search - how many other brands?

I opened a separate thread on this topic, with two posts - one for each time I attempted one of your "Write your own review" competitions - this is probably the better place to respond. I would have submitted a review of the "iFi nano IDSD" portable DAC/headphone amp - but there are no iFi products listed.

I said: "Loads of obsolete and many (frankly) disposable products available via search, none of the rather nifty, current "ifi" products." - but my guess is that there are plenty of other people in the same boat (with other brands), and most just 'go away' rather than comment like this.

The forums and user reviews you have are a great facility - if you make it easy for people to participate. I notice other comments to the effect that this, that or the other element of the website is broken. I concur, having had to swap browsers just to use the search facility. I think I'll go and listen to some music now (bog-standard PC / the IFi thingy / Sennheiser HD600s / brilliant).

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