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Putrid looking website

I have been an online viewer of whathifi for about 5 years. I actually can't think of many weeks over that time where I didn't check out the latest news and reviews. The website has helped me make satisfying purchases for hifi and home theatre, and I very much agree with 99% of the reviews after trialing or testing a piece of equipment that i've seen mentioned here.

It is utterly dissapointing to see how ugly and disjointed the website looks now. I actually didn't mind the old website that much, it wasn't amazing but it felt a bit like reading the mags. Everything is really spaced out now when it doesn't need to be, there's like 80% dead area on my monitor of just white!!

Please do something about this guys. There are an infinite number of excellent webdesigners out there. Heck, you could have one of the best looking HIFI websites in the world...surely?

Yours faithfully,