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Cypher wrote:

Cypher wrote:

bluedroog wrote:

Every single time a website or software has an upgrade people are always up in arms

That's just not true. They've changed the website and it looks like it's made by a bunch of amateurs..............and we still can't complain

No, you have a right, however, to put forward suggestions... the site isn't reverting back; they know the problems and I'm sure they'll be resolved in the fullness of time.

Meantime, you have a life changing decision: Put up, shut up or EDITED off. No that isn't me being harsh, just stating a fact -- live with the foibles for the timebeing or go elsewhere.

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ReValveiT wrote:

ReValveiT wrote:

First world problems.

I find the forum a bit lacking with threads about golf shirt ironing dilemas TBH. Boredom

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New site

As has been pointed out, there is already an extensive thread about the new site to which everyone can contribute. We don't need another one, so I'm locking this. If you wish to make comments on the new site, please do so on my original thread.

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