9 best Christmas gift ideas for avid smartphone users


We all know someone who’s surgically attached to their smartphone. Your partner, your best mate, your kids, your great aunt... If you don’t, then it’s you.

Short of buying a shiny new handset, there are plenty of interesting accessories and tidbits that, if not glamorous, are dead useful for your average smartphone addict’s daily life.

Stick one of these under the tree - you’ll be seen as being ever-so thoughtful this Christmas.

Sennheiser Momentum M2 in-ears

Tested at £90 / Best price £70 at John Lewis

If you’re addicted to your smartphone 24/7, you’ll need a decent pair of headphones to always keep you company on commutes and coffee breaks.

These Award-winning Sennheiser in-ears are ideal: they’re stylish, they sound great, they come in Android and iOS flavours.

AKG N60NC Wireless

Tested at £250 / Best price £179 at Amazon

Prefer going wireless? Thanks to smartphones ditching the once-ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack, the market is awash with wireless cans of all kinds and all prices.

We think these affordable AKG N60NCs hit the sweet spot - they sound fantastic for the money, they're comfortable, and they can be folded up so you can chuck them in your bag and take them with you everywhere.

Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank

Best price £25 at Belkin

It is a truth universally acknowledged that your smartphone's battery will run out right when you need it most. Enter the portable charger to save your day.

This 5000mAh power bank can recharge your phone 1.5 times over and its slim, lightweight design means it's easy to carry around. Perfect for charging all kinds of modern smart devices, from phones and tablets to smart watches, fitness bands and even wireless headphones.


Three-month subscription for £25 at John Lewis

Did you know you can gift someone a Netflix subscription? You can get gift cards of varying prices from a number of stores, but we especially like this three-month deal - it's enough time for your friend or relative to get properly hooked into this great streaming service, especially since they can download shows onto their phone to watch whenever they want.

More importantly: you'll finally be able to discuss Stranger Things 3 spoilers with them next year.

Olloclip Core Lens Set

Best price £100 at Olloclip

Is your loved one always taking pictures with their phone? Whether they're a casual food snapper or take smartphone photography seriously, chances are they'll love this three-in-one lens set that clips over a smartphone's powerful camera to take super wide, fisheye-style and 15x macro pictures in stunning quality. Their Instagram feed will thank you.

The lenses are made for iPhones only, but there are sets for older models (up to iPhone 4) as well as the newer iPhone 8 and Award-winning 8 Plus, too.

Apple Music gift cards

£29.97 for three months or £99 for 12 months at Apple

While it can't beat Tidal's lossless CD-quality sound, Apple Music's huge catalogue of music, excellent curation, and endless playlists and radio stations are an attractive proposition. It delivers a generally detailed and rhythmic performance, too.

With better integration with Siri, this is the go-to music streaming service for staunch iOS fans.

Apple Music review

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Gimbal

Best price £129 from Amazon

Know someone who's a budding filmmaker? With smartphone cameras getting more powerful - filming your own videos in 4K is now a reality - it really won't do for footage to be shaky. Clamp your smartphone - a Samsung, LG or iPhone - into this handheld gimbal to shoot smooth and steady videos like a pro.

JJ Abrams will come a-knockin' any day now.

Spigen wallet and stand smartphone case

Best prices £15 for Samsung S8+ and Apple iPhone X at Amazon

A beautiful smartphone is a breakable smartphone - especially when they're made of glass, like the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the new Apple iPhone X.

There are all kinds of pretty protective cases to make sure your very expensive phone doesn't smash to pieces when you drop it, but we like these multi-purpose options from Spigen.

They double as a wallet and can be used as a stand for your phone so you can comfortably binge watch Netflix or BBC iPlayer shows while on a long commute.

Jaster 5-in-1 universal USB charging cable

Best price £8 at Amazon

Are you constantly scrambling for the right charging cable? This might just be the best Christmas present for anyone with multiple smart devices.

It features all the usual USB connections - USB-A, USB-C, micro USB, mini USB and Lightning - so you can charge pretty much any mobile device (iOS, Android or other) in one go with this nifty accessory.

We're thinking of getting a dozen.