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Urbanista's Los Angeles are self-charging, solar-powered wireless headphones

Urbanista announce launch of Los Angeles solar powered wireless headphones
(Image credit: Urbanista)

In the race to extend the battery life of wireless headphones to limitless proportions, Urbanista believes it has found a way to offer audio lovers "virtually infinite” playtime while helping the environment at the same time. 

The Swedish audio brand has announced the release of the Los Angeles self-charging headphones using Powerfoyle solar cell technology (by fellow Swedish firm Exeger), which it says can convert both natural and artificial light into power.

Urbanista claims that the over-ears will constantly charge when exposed to light: an hour of sunlight will supposedly generate three hours of playtime, while even an hour in cloudy conditions will yield two hours of playback. They also have conventional USB-C charging and a hefty 50-hour battery reserve in the off chance you spend a lot of your time in the dark. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a brand developing solar-powered headphones – JBL, Sola and Helios have all attempted crowdfunding campaigns for similar products.

The Los Angeles headphones have Bluetooth 5 connectivity and feature both active noise cancellation as well as an Ambient Sound Mode that allows you to stay more aware of your surroundings. On-ear detection pauses audio when the cups are removed and restarts it when they are put back in place, too.

The Urbanista Los Angeles wireless headphones cost £169 ($199).


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