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UK specs, prices and pictures of Sony's 2011 3D TV and Blu-ray range

We've finally managed to extract UK prices and tech specs out of Sony to bring you a detailed breakdown of the company's forthcoming 2011 3D TV and Blu-ray range. So without further ado, here goes.

KDL-CX32D: a 22in HD-ready LCD/DVD combi with two HDMI ports (£tbc).

Sony KDL-24EX320: £349

KDL-EX320: Edge-lit LED screens with wi-fi and Bravia Internet Video, 22in (£299), 24in (£349) and 26in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-32CX520

KDL-CX520: LCD only, no LED backlighting or Freeview HD, 32in and 40in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-32CX523

KDL-CX523: Adds Freeview HD tuner, Full HD, 50Hz, Skype-ready but not 3D. Again 32in and 40in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-40EX523: £849

KDL-EX523/EX524: Come in 32in (£599), 37in (£699), 40in (£849) and 46in (£1199) sizes. The 37in and 46in models add USB recording and hence have the EX524 suffix.

Sony KDL-40EX723: £999

KDL-EX723: Entry-level 3D TV range with edge-LED backlighting, 100Hz, built-in 3D transmitter, optional 3D glasses. Available in 32in (£749), 37in (£tbc), 40in (£999), 46in (£1399) and 55in (£1699).

Sony KDL-46NX723: £1600

KDL-NX723: 3D, Monolith design, 100Hz, similar to the 2010 KDL-NX713 models but with a thinner bezel. 40in (£1199), 46in (£1600), 55in (£2100) and 60in (£tbc).

Sony KDL-46HX723: £1699

KDL-HX723: Not a Monolith design, but 3D, has 200Hz and better picture processing technology. 40in costs £1400, 46in £1699.

Sony KDL-46HX823: £1899

KDL-HX823: Monolith design, 200Hz, and 3D capable. Sizes 46in (£1899) and 55in (£2399).

Sony's flagship KDL-HX923

KDL-HX923: Flagship model, full array direct LED backlight, MotionFlow XR 800, X-Reality Pro engine, comes with two pairs of TDG-BR200 3D glasses and built-in Skype camera/microphone. Sizes 46in (£2299) and 55in (£2799).

A trio of new Blu-ray players

As for Blu-ray players, the range mirrors last year's, prices to be confirmed:

BDP-S380: Entry-level model, not 3D, does have Bravia Internet Video.

BDP-S480: Adds 3D capability to spec of the BDP-S380.

BDP-S580: Adds 3D and wi-fi capability (above)

Interestingly, there's no mention of the flagship BDP-780 player to replace the existing BDP-770 model (it's already been announced in the US, and goes on sale there in April).We await to see if it will make it to these shores.