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Spendor announces new A5R speakers

The A5Rs replace Spendor's existing A5 model - in a similar way to when the company replaced its larger A6 floorstander with the A6R.

The new model features a new crossover, and a new 15cm mid/bass driver which uses materials developed for Spendor's much more expensive D7 speakers. The cabinet is also taller than the outgoing A5, by just over 3cm.

A 15cm Kevlar composite cone handles the lowest frequencies, while highs are delivered by a 22mm wide-surround tweeter. Each driver is individually calibrated and matched for optimum performance.

Like the old A5, the compact cabinet is a sealed design and features steel stabiliser inserts in the base, which are claimed to help with precision and detail. Spendor says the latest addition to its 'A' range produces a balanced sound and vivid imaging with a "wide, even listening window".

The Spendor A5Rs are available in five finishes; black ash, light oak, dark walnut and cherry veneer, and a satin white lacquer. The new speakers cost £1995 per pair for the veneer finishes and £2195 for the satin white.

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