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Puro Sound Labs brings 'safe' noise-cancelling headphones for kids to the UK

Puro Sound Labs brings 'safe' noise-cancelling headphones for kids to the UK

With festival season fast approaching, family weekends away are about to get a whole lot more rock 'n' roll. Alongside wellies and a good SPF, protecting kid's ears from the gradual but permanent damage caused by whacking up headphone volume too loud should also be a consideration. 

Puro Sound Labs thinks so too. The manufacturer, who prides itself on creating 'safe' premium headphones for children, is introducing the PuroQuiet active noise-cancelling headphones to the UK market. 

The wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.0 and limit volume to 85dB, the maximum safe listening level recommended by the Hearing Health Foundation and World Health Organisation. 

When activated, the PuroQuiet's noise-cancellation switch supposedly blocks out background sound up to 22dB, providing 82 percent noise isolation - useful for children with sensory sensitivity or to keep a child calm in unfamiliar environments. But they also promise a great soundscape for little'uns wanting to listen to their favourite artists, a microphone is present and correct for gaming or chatting with friends.  

Puro Sound Labs' CEO and founder, Dave Russell, says he created the company "to address the world health epidemic of noise-induced hearing loss after my wife and I became aware that our daughter had hearing damage at a young age, which we determined as a result of listening with her headphones too loudly. We want kids to enjoy great sounding music but we also want to be sure they are listening at safe volume levels." 

As reported by Irish Tech News, the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet wireless headphones are available from Amazon, priced £100. They have a battery life of 16 hours with active noise cancellation deployed but can allegedly last up to 200 hours in standby mode between charges. 

Recognising the importance of parent control, there is also the option to control your child's headphones wirelessly from your device up to 30 feet away (roughly three tents, we'd say) if they're prone to running around, too. 

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