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Playstation Now, Sony's new cloud gaming platform streams PS3 games to 2014 Sony TVs

PlayStation 4 has been making all the headlines recently, but it's the announcement of PlayStation Now (PS Now), at CES 2014, that's really caught our eye.

PS Now is Sony's new cloud-based gaming platform, which will allow you to stream and play games from the PS3's library on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles and the PS Vita handheld.

Sony also revealed that "most" 2014 Sony Bravia TVs will support PS Now, meaning you'll be able to play games like The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls without the need for a physical console. All you'll need is a DualShock controller plugged into a USB port on your TV.

But it doesn't stop there. Sony is also hoping to bring PlayStation Now to non-Sony products. This means you could soon be able to play PS3 games on your shiny iPad Air in the very near future.

PS Now launches in North America in the summer, with a beta starting at the end of January 2014. Initial reports indicate users will be able go down either a pay-to-play or subscription route.

Unfortunately, a European launch is still to be confirmed. According to Sony's European PlayStation blog, "(Europe) is a more complex region, with a huge number of different providers, and varying connection speeds from country to country." Let's hope it's not too far away...

Written by Andy Madden

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