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You can now save £20 on Amazon's brilliant Fire TV Cube

Amazon Black Friday: the brilliant Fire TV Cube is now £30 cheaper
(Image credit: Amazon)

We love the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Not only is it a brilliant video streamer, it can also act as a voice-controlled universal remote control for your whole AV system.

Best of all, despite being fairly new, Amazon (among other online retailers) has just knocked a healthy £20 off the Fire TV Cube's price. Huzzah!

Amazon Fire TV Cube £110 £90 at Amazon
The Fire TV Cube is an absolutely brilliant video streamer that's packed with apps (including, now, the Apple TV app) and produces a great picture and sound. It'll also allow you to control your entire AV system via Alexa, which is very neat indeed. Great value before, it's a steal at this new price.View Deal

The key to a great video streamer is ensuring it has all of the video streaming apps you're likely to need, and here, the Fire TV Cube has you covered: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and the brilliant Apple TV app are all on board and delivered in 4K and Dolby Vision HDR (HDR10+ is also supported), all of the UK catch-up services are present and correct, and you can listen to music via Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and, of course, Amazon Music.

On top of that, the Fire TV Cube also has the full capabilities of an Echo speaker, so it can be used to check the weather, add items to your shopping list, order things from Amazon, set timers, play specific music tracks and check random facts from the internet, all with the power of your voice. Add in the aforementioned ability to control the other kit in your system, which it does impressively well, and you've got the smartest video streamer you can buy.


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