Yamaha YAS-201

The Yamaha is worth auditioning, but struggles to muster the extra gear needed to be considered a class-leader

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-A1020

Delivering excitement, detail and precision, the Yamaha RX-A1020 is a brilliantly capable all-rounder

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-A3020

A powerhouse of a surround amp and a shot across the bows of the class leaders

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-V373

Best home cinema amplifier up to £350, Awards 2012. A fantastic first step into the realm of 5.1 sound

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-V673

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - Home Cinema Amplifiers. A seriously talented amp, versatile enough to work with a wide range of systems


Yamaha YHT-S401

Yamaha has a strong tradition in soundbars, but this isn't its finest by a long stretch

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-A1010

The Yamaha will make your movies sound massive and your music sound lush

Home cinema amplifiers

Yamaha RX-A3010

This large, lush-sounding AV receiver immerses you deep in the action

Micro and style systems

Yamaha MCR-555

Vastly improved over the original, but it still doesn’t excite us enough for five stars

IFA 2011: Yamaha launching new all-in-one systems, including soundbars

Stylish YAS-101 soundbar to cost just £250