Audio interconnects (digital)

Wireworld Starlight 6

It's hard to fault a cable that has as many plus points as the Starlight 6, especially at this competitive price

Audio interconnects (digital)

Wireworld Ultraviolet 5 USB

Best USB cable, Awards 2010. Compared to a bundled USB lead, the sound the Wireworld makes is leagues ahead

Audio interconnects (digital)

Wireworld The Nova 5

The Nova will offer you a powerful presentation, but bearing in mind the price needs more focus to shine

Audio interconnects (analogue)

Wireworld The Equinox

This chunky-plugged interconnect is not quite as accomplished as it looks

Speaker cables

Wireworld The Orbit

Despite sounding a touch lean, The Orbit is definitely worth an audition

Audio interconnects (digital)

Wireworld Ultraviolet 5

Weighty, but presentation is ill-defined and ill-disciplined

HDMI and video cables

Wireworld Chroma 5 HDMI (7m)

Sharp, ultra-real pictures and solid sound

Speaker cables

Wireworld Luna 5 biwire

Stellar performance from a biwire cable priced firmly at ground-level