Samsung UE55F8000: voice and gesture control

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Samsung UE55F8000 TV review: Voice and Motion Controls

In this video we look at the Samsung voice and motion controlson the 2013 TV range.

These features have been given a tweak in the 2013 models – and it shows. In contrast to the 2012 TVs, we found the motion controls to be much friendlier than the voice commands.

Samsung TV: Motion Control

For a start, it’s more responsive, with reduced lag between your hand movement being recognised on the TV, and movements are smooth, with fewer trailing or delay. The camera has to be popped on for motion controls to work, and it does get a bit confused if you’ve got more than one person waving frantically at it.

Patience is the key here (and steady hands), and it does get used to (and recognise) individual hands. You can also use two hands – yes, it really works! – to rotate and zoom in and out of pictures on the screen, as well as lazily flick your hand to the side to swipe across the Smart Hub panels – which we quite liked.

After the initial novelty and giddiness of it actually working, we still feel a bit daft waving at the TV and clenching our fist to select items, and ours arms ached after a while.

Samsung TV: Voice Control

Switching to voice control, and the Smart Touch remote encourages you to speak directly to the remote (rather than shout at the TV hoping for the best) and it is more responsive than before.

However, the technology is still a bit hit-and-miss – it liked ‘Arsenal’ but not ‘Top Gear’ – and you’ll still feel self-conscious as you end up over-enunciating words to make it work.

An on-screen guide pops up to give prompts on which command phrases to use – which is helpful, but still not ideal and certainly not as intuitive as using the Smart Touch remote.

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