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Hi everyone, i would like to buy a tablet(not sure which one)to use with Spotify app.

I have a Headstreamer could i connect this to a mini usb with a suitable adaptor.

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 bargain price of $86.95 (roughly £56.00) you also need to factor shipping.They are currently £114.00 @ Amazon  uk !!!!

probably a dumb question but the DAC debate totaly confuses me,would this product be a god interface between netbook and amp ?


I seem to have a problem with my Pure-Fi,the charge light comes on green then turns red and then turns off !

Dosnt play at all,its only a couple of months old, any ideas

I bought this set back in January..all wlland fine until yesterday when a lighter banding apeared on the right-hand side approx 4 inches in width.

are all scart leads RGB ?

And would i notice ?

hi all,

whats the best way to connect sd SKY box to new tv ?

using scart lead at the mo.


hi i've just purchased a Toshiba 40xf355 tv & i would like to add a suitable sub.

i found a sw1000 on ebay for £40,is this any good ?

any cheap alternatives ?


surfing aroundi found that the Samsung LE40r81 has been given the accolade of tv of the year this a good recomendation ?

what are your views on the 37" version of this set compared to say pansonic TX37LZD70 ?