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Im looking for a good 2.1 system and got my eyes on these studio 290 floorstanders, 260p subwoofer and Harman kardon hk3770 stereoreceiver.

Hi Im about to buy a Marantz pearl lite which got two preout, Can i connect an active subwoofer to these?

Should i buy pearl lite is the question, I bought an old pioneer 656 second hand to my wharfedales 155s and now i want a bigger sound experiance planning buying a sub as well (yamaha ns sw300).

Hi i wonder if it looks like this inside, just as the 6 and 7series does

I found my system rega brio r and dali zensor 7 plays really harsh, my dac is a computer soundcard (x-fi), the sound itself is detailed and dynamic but the sss is killing the music so would a hrt s