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Hello everybody

Hi there. 


2 different sound cards having the same S/PDIF specs, will they sound differently with the same dac?

I find this little beast for 1000 euros, 2nd hand in mint condtition, less than a year of use. 

How would you consider the fact that a (recently serviced) Luxman L3 from 1980 is outperforming a Yamaha A-S700  from 2010, both tested on my signature speakers? 

Amazing, isn't it?


If I add another AS 700 to my wharfedales resulting to a bi-amped configuration will I achieve a value for money upgrade?



Good morinign everybody

Dear "those of you who are to reply"

I find the KEF XQ40 for 2100Euros in Athens which is quite a bargain!.

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