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I am attempting a reply to a post but the spam filter is blocking it.  I've checked all words and can see nothing that should cause this.

As per title - we seem to be flooded with this cr#p which I guess all originates from the same geographical local

Picked up the new Tesco Hudl on Thursday.

Well I bit the bullet and popped into Richer Sounds and it didn't take long for me to be seduced by the modest size and decent output of the Play:5.


I've got an automatic car and it works fine in the day but at night it won't go.

Any ideas?

I have a full HD projector and have been using it onto an off-white wall for a few years.  The image is good but I do need to pull the curtains to get decent contrast.

Can any of you clever people please help me?

I been playing more with iTunes lately (in a Windows 7 64) and discovered that they've finally fixed 3 annoyances.  They might not affect anybody else but:

My new iPad is getting a much weaker wifi signal than my iphone ever did.

It is also dropping the signal completely on an intermittent basis whilst my phone keeps 2 bars.

I hope this isn't against forum rules - if it is then please delete thread and let me know.