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Been a member of another forum, alternative name might be "Teepee". Hells teeth, but there are some opinionated nasty pieces of work on there.Actually I may well never return.

Followed Cardiff for a very large part of my 47 years and first time in my lifetime that they will play in the Premiership.

ARGHHH, If I dont get enough of the crud at home and work, now its invaded the forum

I understand that when threads become heated that someone has to be the arbitor of good taste and discipline, but my statements in the topic I shall not name, were factual and non offensive in my o

As can be seen from my signature, I have a Roksan Kandy 111 amp, though previously happy with this beastie, I got to wondering wether I should start looking around for a replacement.

I am looking to buy a pair of speakers for my mac, just for casual listening.

Is it me or is anyone else sick of seeing Sir Paul McCartney show up at every Olympic venue today and whip the crowd up into a rendition of his/and/or a Beatles track?

Just added new CM8's and a Cyrus CD8 SE to my Roksan L111 Amp, wondering if I need to upgrade my speaker cable. Currently using Chord silverscreen, any suggestions guys?

I am not sure where this question sits, but here goes...