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THX Tune-Up App for iOS currently free.

Search on App Store for it.

Got the flashy red light of death on my Zeppelin the other week.  It's 2+ years old so the box and receipt have been 'filed' in various clearences.

Hi, I think I've managed to persuade the boss that the old CRT we have in the dining room should be changed for something new and sparkly so I can move the XBox in there and she can continue to wat

I know this is a hot topic, it's all been said before and I really don't want to set the ball rolling again but I was intrigued it popped up on a 'Yoof' news programme.....

Hi, I need some advice please.  I am currently using a Sony BDP -S300 and I figured today was probably the time to make an upgrade before VAT went up!

I know us Brits are sometimes behind our American cousins when it comes to release dates but I've just noticed that in the iTunes store in the States Up!

I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem as me but the BBC timings on the HD channel seem to be all over the place.