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I'm yet to hear a pair of the Xeo3 and as I've moved to Northamptonshire now, I'm not sure of any nearby stockists.

Loooooong story cut short, My brief was to find a small pair of wife friendly speakers to go with my wife friendly Marantz M-CR603

Found a nice local hifi dealer to let me spend some time listening to the following with my little M-CR603,

Dynaudio dm2/6 and Excite X12

Kef R100 and Ls50.

Found an ace hifi shop who will let me take my M-CR603 into their demo room and test a few speakers. The budget is £800 max and the speakers are Dynaudio dm2/6, Kef R100 & Ls50.

I want to sell my 5 week old MA Bx2's. It's my first time selling HiFi gear and I can only think of EBay. Where do you sell your kit?


Both are similar size but which one is best? I know there is only one way to find out but I thought I would ask here first.

So I've condensed my hifi into one little unit (marantz m-Cr603) and as some of you know, I'm on the hunt for a suitable speaker.

So, I've been running my 603 with some monitor audio bx2's and it sounds ok.

Some links would be appreciated. What bargains have you bagged so far?