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xiph has produced a couple of great videos that explain how digital audio work.

Apologies if this has already been covered.

A believe this is a good definition of audible transparency:

Sorry if this has been posted before or is in the wrong section, but I thought it a tip talked about on the AVI forum recently is worth sharing.

Hi, does anyone know if the Marantz NR1602 AV receiver can be used in a 4.1 surround sound set up where the front L+R are active?

It's been a while forming and some major changes in the last couple of years, but here's the evolution of my system

Just wondering why in the latest review of the Cyrus 8XPD amp the mag recommends the Cyrus 8SE as a partner?  My initial thought is that the point of this amp is the built in DAC, so wouldn't the X