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I am thinking of a future possible upgrade to add streaming to my system.  I already use Airplay to an Airport Express, which is OK but doesn't sound as good as I think the system is capable of.

I have recently switched from Mac-DAC-Hifi setup to streaming.  My Mac now runs Asset UPnP, I have a Pioneer N30 network player and am using an iPad to control.  This has freed up the Mac Mini for

My current setup involves a Mac Mini connected to a SuperNait via optical - I love the sound and am very happy.




I have a Naim SuperNait (mark 1) which has 2 inputs: Mac Mini via Toslink and Marantz Receiver via RCA analogue.


So I have been researching my next possible box swap.  While Googling, I always get search results for the WHF forums.  I find it funny how many posts people say "I just bought X and it is amazing!

I have a Marantz AV receiver with stereo PreOuts which I would like to connect to my stereo system to run the front two speakers.  The problem is my stereo is a Musical Fidelity M1 SDAC which does

Did everyone see the article about Russ Andrews in the WHF News section?  The ASA has ruled that Russ Andrews is not misleading customers.


Mains products do make a difference!

A number of manufacturers provide "trigger input/output" sockets, commonly with a size of 3.5mm. These can be used to turn multiple components on/off at the same time.


After a recent spate of box swapping and general mucking about I have developed mains hum in my system - argh!  I'll try to explain what I have done, its  a little complicated.