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As we get older, our ability to hear higher frequencies diminishes.

For 4 days now I've had no stream from my Revo Mondo wifi internet radio from BBC. All other stations work OK, and I can get all BBC radio channels from my PC with no trouble.

While my Audilab 8200CD is in for repair, I dug out my old NAD C515 CDP. I then proceeded to listen to it for 3 hours non stop, because it sounded so good!

Exactly one year old today, was working fine yesterday, now I turn it on and ............. nothing. Changed the fuse, and still nothing.

We've drawn a blank at rearranging our room in any other way other than at present, where our B&W 685 speakers are placed either side of a chimney breast and rather too close to both the rear a

This is driving me nuts. We have no FM signal here, so I thought I'd get a Revo mondo wifi internet radio and plug it in to my hifi.

As I have a DAC, in the form of the Audiolab 8200CD, I wondered if there was such a device as an internet radio and audio file (inc.

I guess it's AAC, as the display shows that it's got more Kbs than MP3?