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Iron Maiden - Live After Death Johnny Cash - At San Quentin John Martyn - Live At Leeds  

Have been considering the Okki Nokki, the Pro-ject, the Moth and the VPI. 

keeper of the quays wrote: ...

Labradford - A Stable Reference   My go to album for nodding off. A musical herd of fence-jumping sheep.

I don't wish to be nangled on the Internet. 

Al ears wrote: ...

I had a Scalextric model of this car in blue. I believe it was faster than the full-size version.  

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse John Martyn - Solid Air (half-speed remaster, to replace my aged copy)

bigfish786 wrote: The Sword - Warp Riders.    Think I'll cue it up myself later on 

keeper of the quays wrote: ...