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Solo console - free delivery - £289.99


Is there a convenient way to watch Sky Go on your TV?


Does Now TV act as a viable alternative to having Sky ?

Is the majority of the offering the same?


I've just seen that the ps4 offers hdmi control, which is great.


Though after googling "xbox one hdmi control". The search results are quite irrelevant.


In theory could the bt homehub 5 be attached to the superhub router from virgin to act as a second router?


When is the Sucessor to this model likely to be released from Sony?

From my understaing they've been pushing the same product for the past two years now.

Looking for an explanation on DAC's.

I am thinking of investing in CA DacMagic xs, though I don't  the understand the technology very well.


When will Sony bring out the 790's Successor?

How does this site exactly work...

Recently I gave them the amazon price for GTA5 on the ps3.


Which Blu-ray player around £100-150 offers the best online experience, apps & all?