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need advice from pioneer n50 and sonos owners.

If transparency and level of detail are not an issue , which product would be more musically engaging.


A warning to naim owners, naim and oppo combo is a big no no!

ive heard quite a few times that equal speaker wire length is important for stereo imaging, ensuring that left and right recieve the same signal, has do with resistance/ impendence.

Im looking for an integrated for my pmc gb1is.

something fast, punchy, that would breathe life into my overly furnished room.

I have question for the pmc db1+ owners 

Rear ports have foam bungs already inside them, can i take them out if i want more bass?

Im looking for integrated amp to drive my canton bookshelves .

The audiolab and rotel are pretty much what i can afford budget wise.

Cambridge audio advertises the use of bluray players and game consoles with its dacmagic .