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I've acquired a new projector and am considering how to mount it. Roughly, how much does it cost to get cables chased through the walls and the projector mounted on the ceiling?

I've moved house recently and managed to get a room for all my toys.  There have been some changes since I last posted too.

The Start...

I'm going to be moving to a new house in the next month or so and have managed to allocate a cinema room in the new place.  I want to mount the TV on the wall but think it is plasterboard.  I have

Just got the new issue of the mag. There's a pretty extensive DAC round-up, which is a good read.

I'm probably going to be upgrading my front three speakers on my AV system. The speakers that I have my eye on are rated at 4 ohms.

Would it be worth putting the date of the review on the page? It'll make comparing current models (especially TV's) a bit easier. Just a thought...

I have the old Monopulse 32A's at the moment and have been very pleased with them.

I've been looking at the Leema website and have seen that they have a Hydra version of their Tucana amp for biamping.

I'm running an Onkyo 905 into the Kef 3005SE and have started to notice some distortion on the centre channel sound.

Went to the Naim HDX Roadshow today in Leicester. They ran a demo of the unit firstly on its own and then adding in the different power supplies, which only act on the analogue stages of the unit.