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Dave, if you had these two pairs of speakers and had to sell one, which one would you keep for everyday music listening? 

Sony SS F7 ESG 


JBL 4412A

Mate, can you please read me the specs on the transformer label of your Roksan Kandy K2? You can peak them through the side vents. It should be info something like this:

S1/S2 = 39V , 5A

Interesting dilema got my human CPU working.

Time to upgrade the studio via the BBC Auction


Personally I find recommending my toys at times a bit uncomfy, however at times I am so certain it deserves to be on the OP's audition list, I practically make growling noises while I type. 

I swear I never laughed so hard in my life. I am coughing, gasping for air with massive hiccups in parallel. I just made popcorn. Who needs movies when we have audiophile scams and forums!

Electrocompaniet decided to make a turntable and they will present it for the first time on the Munich High End Show during May 15-18th.