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Should I get a Rega DAC?

Ok. All of us vinyl listeners have tried millions of record cleaning techniques. Distilled water. Alcohol. Lighter fluid. Expensive record cleaning fluid. Fairy liquid.

If so, I would just like to say that Tim at Divine Audio was very helpful to me in my cartridge selection and purchase, and extremely willing to make me a good deal. Recommended. 

A revelation I have had this morning about my hifi.

My new Goldring 2400 cartridge has arrived and replaced my excellent but in-need-of-ugrade Rega Elys.

Are ortofon spk300 speaker cables any good? I've come by 10 metres of the stuff and wonder how they stack up against my tellurium Q black

Are we allowed to post classifieds on here? I have some black kef Q35 speakers for sale.

Helloooooo!! Just wondering what you guys and gals would say is the weakest part of my system and what I should perhaps upgrade it to?