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Anyone fancy a flutter? I'll start:


I noticed yesterday that my neighbour has put up a couple of illuminated animals on his roof.

The site is being horrid with my iPad and keeps re-drawing the screen in big blocks.

Seem to remember an advert did this once before.

Can we sort it please?

Having spent a few days playing ballerina on our icy pavements, I bought some Yaktrax and fitted them to my shoes for this morning's walk to work.


Although the Sonos is good for general music, I still like to use a physical disc for sitting and "listening" to the music/reading the sleeve notes etc.

Two Sonos Play 5s in "stereo pair" configuration in bedroom windows at either end of the house >)

Over the last week or so I have noticed that if I use the "back" button on the iPad to go back to Forum/Hifi  list from a thread, I don't get the current list, I get an old one (cached presumably).

I would be interested to hear opinions from anyone who's experienced Leema Tucana or Musical Fidelity M6i with ATC SCM40s.

I'm noticing that there seems to be more bass on BBC radio via Sonos than there is when streaming the same tracks from the NAS (ripped with iTunes as lossless).

ZP90 down to £219.84 from £279.

I seem to have a problem with my Denon 1909 in that it sometimes "loses" the centre channel in surround mode.