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Hi: Merlin Mozart or Chord Crimson Plus - 0.5m - for my setup in sig. ? TIA

All: Which cable will suit my setup - Chord Odyssey 2 or Kimber 4PR ? ?

My setup is CA 640 v2 amp + cdp and speakers are MA RS6, currently using SA XT speaker cables and QED Qunex 2 IC.



Want to connect my SB3 to an external DAC, so which brand is best, pls suggest.

PS - It's all '0' and '1', but still..

How do you rate them against Magic and Vdac ?



In the market for a NAS. Now, i have the following questions wrt to NAS:

1. Should be 'on' 24x7 which means PC will be never turned 'on' for music streaming.

1. VDH The Name
2. Atlas Equator 2
3. Merlin Mozart

Thanks in advance.


Both won awards, so which one to buy for my setup in sig - Mozart or Equator 2 ?