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i have been using itunes to rip CDs, and it always end up to 16/44. i was wondering if there is any software that can rip to 24/96? can it be done? or CD max rate is 16/44?

While flipping tru whathifi magazine yesterday, this masterpiece Astell&Kern AK240 came to my knowledge. It's something that I have been wanting for.

guys, its my 1st time buying digital magazine for iPad. i just paid for 1 year subscription at USD49.99 this morning. So i assume i can click and buy 12 issues.

Still deciding whether to connect external harddisk or laptop (either a old Delle laptop which is not in used or existing MacBook Pro i5).

I have got myself a new HiFi system : Naim Uniti2 with ProAc Tablette Anniversary.

Guys. Pls help me choose either Naim UnitiLite or DAC-V1 + NAP100?

Juz sold off my 3 years old entry level set :

- Marantz 6003 CD player connected to ipod touch via usb

- Marantz 6003 Integrated Amp

- Mordaunt Short Aviano 2 speakers

i store all my songs in my harddisk of my MBP, say user/document/mp3 so i import all these mp3 to itunes.. and i realised that it makes another version within user/music/itune library.

guys, i m gonna get this SR60i after reading tru the net review about this.. but i was wondering if it would be too inconsiderate to use it on the airplane?

since i wasn't able to decide which Dock to buy, Zeppelin, Zep Mini or MM-1, is there anyone who share the similar interest like me? maybe u can help to recommend a set...