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Sorry to single you out from the crowd, Rog, but I noticed that you have the same CD player as me (Cambridge 651 Azur) and a similar price-point amp (Regar Brio-R to my Arcam A-18).

The Marantz 6005 CD player gets rave reviews from the official 2013 What Hi-Fi review and forum readers alike.

One thing that has struck me in recent weeks, reading postings on this board, is the enormous love out there for Q Acoustics 2010 / 2020 and the Dali Zensor 3.

Around the beginning of last year, I took the plunge and bought myself my first new hi-fi system in nearly thirty years. I posted on here a few times and received some good advice.

I've always taken reviews with a pinch of salt, but was particularly nonplussed by WHF's recent, updated review of KEF's Q-300 speakers.

Oh God. Here we go again! Back in Richer Sounds' demo room on Monday morning - most likely with a stonking hangover - to demo the above  two CD players to replace my NAD 515BEE.

I'm looking to upgrade my NAD 515BEE and ran across what looks like the hot deal of the century at Richer Sounds -- a CA Azur 840 CD player for £249.00.

What's a good CD player, £300 - £600, with a bright, open sound, detailed mid-range and plenty of bass grip, where you can hear the snare-drum spit, the guitar-strings ring and the sound doesn't ge

Some people may remember that I bought a new budget system from Superfi back in February consisting of:


NAD 316 amp

NAD 515 CD

KEF Q300 speakers


Bought a new hi-fi system (NAD 316 amp, NAD 515 CD player, KEF Q300 speakers) back in February and have been road-testing it for the past couple of months.