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Does anyone know where to buy butkicker subwoofers in the uk ? 

OK I have written this 4 times now and does not seem to appear on the feed so this is the last attempt

Has any one else had any experience with trying to install the BBC iPlayer app onto the Panasonic TX-P42X60B ?? I have searched online and cannot find anything to suggest it should not work....

I have today received an XBOX ONE which my wife has informd me I am not able to use until Christmas Day!!


Please can someone explain to me why HDMIsignals into an AVR cannot be sent to Zone this for some kind of legal / copyright reason ?

How do i upload photos onto a post ?


I have recently purchased a velodyne SPL 1000 ULTRA and although I am happy with it overall I do have a slight issue....It seems to strugle to reach the very low frequencies I was expecting to hear

I have just purchased a Velodyne SPL 1000 Ulta Subwoofer with DSP.

After a whole year of deciding which Subwoofer to buy I finally purchased a Velodyne SPL 1000 Ultra.

Im just wondering - I stream Spotify from my Iphone direct to my Pioneer AVR via spotify and have Spotify set to extreme (320Kbs) I just wondered if this high quality would reach my amp through its