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Not long home after a busy day, sat down, having my baked potato with Chilli ( quite nice to be fair). Mrs J had been kind enough to save me the last glass of red from the bottle.

I have been checking Gumtree for an iPad air and noticed today that there is a wedge of new adverts with the added bonus of "Rare Flappy Bird app" installed.

Despite some serious attempts to rationalise this, I simply can't. Can anyone help me out? 

I'm in the process of selecting a new car and am pretty settled on a Golf.

Just a little story to share with the class. Last night, I decided I have a hard boiled egg on todays salad. So, pop a couple in the pan, bring to boil then simmer gently for around 15 mins.

OK so I finally decided on te new phone and have a Lumia 820. Task 1 find a good case. I'm looking for something that is pretty thin like a soft gel type thing.

I've posted this here as it is the main platform related to my quandry.

Not an iPad issue as such but an App issue. The iPad app for eBay has a problem it seems.