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Anyone of you, guys, has any experience with those class T amplifiers? What speakers would you recommend  for them? Do the speakers have to be very sensitive or it doesn't matter?

Good evening,

After some hours of functioning, most of the speakers would sound better. My question is: in this proces of running in, does it matter if the amp has more power?


What is your opinion?

The amp is Arcam A19, the speakers are Focal Chorus 714 and the music is classical, jazz and sometimes rock.



... for jazz, classical, sometimes rock. The amp is Arcam A19. The speakers are Focals 714.


What is your opinion? it in the living room so everybody could see and fiddle or somewhere private where only you can touch them?

Hello again,

As I was listening to Audiolab 8200CD and Arcam A19, I found myself wondering how Arcam P38 would fit between them two. Do you guys think it would be a very bad idea?

As I was saying in another topic - Amplifier needed (Arcam FMJ A19, Roksan Kandy K2...) - I have received my new Focal Chorus 714 before the CDP and the amp arrived, so I used my present setup (Tec