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I just tried a pair of AKG K451s. I bought them on impulse, thinking I just needed some price friendly everyday cans, and if they didn't sound brilliant, it wouldn't really matter.


I’m looking to buy my first pair of headphones that don’t come free with something.


I know Apple are notorious for not liking people to share, preferring them to buy instead, but surely this can't extend to one household?

Hi All,

Quick question: does anyone have any PC Speedup tools they can recommend? Do these things really ever work, or are they a bit of a con?

Just wondering if boston Acoustics are still an active arm of D+M?

I'm thinking of plunging in to the headphone pool. Increasingly I can't listen to my hi-fi as I'd like because the best time for enjoying music is after my little one has gone to bed.


I'm thinking of getting an Apple TV, and have a functionality question for any current users out there.

Okay. I have my music stored on a NAS. I am trying to use iTunes to manage my library these days because we now have iDevices in the house. There's my laptop, and then my wife's.