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Don't want to go into too much detail, but if a solicitor acting on behalf of a claiment in a compensation case fails to inform their client  of an offer to settle made by the defendant , would thi

My next door neighbours have gone away for a couple of days, so I can play my home cinema system really loud. My next "Lovefilm" delivery has just popped through the letter box and its ....

It looks like Sky have introduced a new policy of removing the DOGs from most of their channels after about 10 seconds of displaying them at the start of programmes and after addbreaks.

Today I watched the bloke in front of me put 350 litres of unleaded into an Audi A4 (at a cost of nearly £460). Presumably he must have extended the fuel tanks into the boot.

To 2011. Last week one of my clients informed me that owing to a change in personel, they would no longer require my services. So thats 30% of my work for this year suddenly gone.

I noticed that the Feb issue was in the shops at the weekend, but I have still not recieved my subscriber copy.

BBC1 HD has been broadcasting this afternoon without that annoying bit of graffiti in the top left hand corner.

Have just watched a lovefilm blu ray rental copy of "Exam". Half way through I realised that the 24fps indicator light on my Sony 350 was not on. I'd assumed that all blu rays were 24fps.

Interesting tweet from Jake Humphry here regarding F1 in HD from 2011.

Have just watched "Inglorious Basterds" on blu ray. For various reasons I had to watch half of it on one disc and half of it on another.