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I'm about to upgrade my AV amp and I'm interested in buying either a NAS or portable hard drive.

I have just upgraded my TV to the Sony 46HX753, purchased a pair of 3D glasses and was looking forward to watching some 3D contect untill I realised my Denon 1910 amp is not compatable!


I’m looking to upgrade my current TV to a 46” with a  Freeview HD tuner.

The main uses will be gaming and Blu-rays whilst taking advantage of free to air HD channels.


I've recently purchased a Firestone Audio Spitire DAC and am wondering how to set this up in my system.

I have a Denon 1910 amp and PS3 console. Currently I have:

I'm after a new MP3 to use mainly in the gym, would ideally like FLAC support with large memory - only interested in using it to listen to music.


I'm looking at purchasing a set of B&W MT25's but replacing the sub woofer (ASW608) with the REL Quake.