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My current setup:

Acoustic Energy Evo 3 speakers, Sony VA555ES, Arcam CD82, QED Anniversary speaker cable.

At the moment I'm using my PS3 or my Apple MacBook Pro to play music(airport express via optical)


I have my Amstrad DRX 890 connected to my Denon AVR1911 then to the TV.

Am I right in thinking that HD broadcasts are sent in 720i?


I currently use a slim PS3 for bluray usage, but thinking of selling it (£150) for two reasons, fan noise and picture quality.


Heres my system which Ive upgraded the amp and speakers this year.


Tacima CS929 Mains Cleaner



At the moment I have a pair of B&W 601 S3s running from a Denon AVR 1911 using QED Silver Anniversary bi-wire



I'm looking to fill my stands with sand etc. I aw b&q selling kiln dry sand, but they don't have any in stock online or in

With Sevenoaks closing down loads of stores. Is it safe to buy off their website direct?


Also how are their delivery service?


Im looking to buy a new amp to replace my sTR-DH800. Was looking at the DH820 because of the 3d support and upscaling. And I know from the 800 it's got a good sound.


Does the latest qed profile support Ethernet and audio return channel?


It only says v1.4, but that means nothing as I've learnt!