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Did no-one think to edit Verity's report on the Bristol Show. It repeats in several places and she clearly does not know what flywheel effect means (given her intonation).

Most of my music is now ripped to AIFF and played back from a hard drive, but I have a few dozen SACDs and was thinking of buying some of the 40th anniversary King Crimson discs ( I know, it's my a

Just about all of my music is now stored on a NAS drive and played via my computer.

Is anyone else having problems with BBC iPlayer? Overnight I have lost all my downloaded programmes.

I am not sure if there can be a definitive answer to this, but recently while looking at Linn's website I noticed a recording which was available as an SACD or a 192/24 bit download.

I have a huge number of Apple Lossless (ALAC) files ripped when I had a smaller hard drive.  Since acquiring a 3 TB NAS, I have no need to rip anything at other than full bitrate.

Anybody out there have any opinion on the viability of lossless formats?  I had ripped almost all of my CDs to Apple Lossless (Mac-based system) when I ripped a handful to AIFF by mistake.

Some time ago (2007?) there was talk about 2-CD remasters of classic Joni Mitchell albums Court and Spark, Hissing of Summer Lawns, Hejira, etc but they have never appeared. Have they?

Wha-hey my Dacmagic has arrived and I am looking forward to upscaling the output from my Airport Express, but a thought has just occurred to me....

Anyone who still thinks that MP3 sounds as good at CD or that hi-res audio is unnecessary should take a look at