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David, i had sent you an e-mail about these 2 receivers, here it only anthem 

somebody with kef r series here? or somebody coming from yamaha aventage?

well, i had purchased r500, i don't need more.. i had asked only if it's a good pair with denon x4000  :read:

so, the denon is a good match for kef R series? i am thinking to denon x4000 to pair with my Kef R500 in a 2.1 system

OK, i agree, the Kef R500 are by far superior to RX6, but, let's say, somebody wants to match them with an a/v receiver and do not have many options to listen them. What is best for these, around...

well, WAF factor  :shhh: R500 looks fine, black piano, aluminium, etc..    ...

well, a hard job for pioneer  but still i have to know how sounds R500 with marantz sr7007 and denon 3313 or x4000 :pray:

nobody tried an a/v receiver with r500 ?...

a thought to choose an av receveiver because i need to downmix the sounds from 5.1 to 2.1, for example when i'm watching a movie from bluray. Also, it's easier for my wife when watching TV, with...

does the marantz, for example sr7007 sounds bad with kef r500 ?