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Hi Cno how are you my friend, I have been trying to find you posts on your speaker plinths as I think they may help me tighten up my already awesome bass , I have a wooden floor which has a void be

I have just bought  a Musical Fidelity M6 CDP and its so much better than the Roksan Caspian  m2 CDP   once switched on all I wanted to do was to keep feeding it cds the sound is more fluid it flow

Hi all Anybody heard or got the new ones ? I love my SCM40s and I am wondering how much better they are

Hi I dont know if it would work but could a Mackbook Air 256G be used like an ipod in the car I have an Aux input and an ipod dock usb .

Hi All Ive just got a new center speaker and it sits on top of my equipment rack I need some kind of support so the tweeter isn't firing sound ar my knees I have seen some posted on hear that are w

Hi all Ive lost my microphone for my av system auto set up will any microphone do the job I have a Denon  microphone which came with my AVR1713 Can I use it on my Pioneer SC2022 thanks for any help

Hi Guys does anbody know where I can buy a Kef Egg Center Speaker As I no longer have the room for full size Center speaker .

Hi I am after a hard disc storage device that dosn't rely on the use of a pc , a stand alone unit which you can load all your cds into and connect up to your amp  

Hi all I have just got a crome cast dongle sort of thing Ive downloade the ap and the tv sets up ready to cast but when I try to use it nowt happens 

any ideas many thanks 

Hi all I am having a new kitchen fitted soon and I decided to save some money by installing a new ring main just for the kitchen so when I had the floor up I installed a dedicated radial  circuit 1