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Apologies if this is old news, but I've just come across this. Oppo are coming out with their new PM-1 Planar Magnetic cans;

So, has any lucky soul been able to get a listen to one of these rather expensive beasts? I'm keen to learn what they bring to the table over and above what the standard model does.

Thinking of adding these to my audition list.

Well, I've been merrily searching, but I can't find one local to the area. There is at least one in Glasgow, but he wants travel + accom.

Yes, I am undecided, to say the least. I'm looking for a good set, that can handle all sorts, from acoustic jazz to Nirvana, from Erik Satie solo piano works to Daft Punk.

'Ello all. First post from your actual ageing, unashamed Prog Rock fan (amongst other things).