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Ok so I've got plenty of media on my PC, most of it is 1080p H264/AAC.

Currently just watch on my PC, but thinking about buying a TV for my room.

Currently running on a headphone setup (due to lack of space, speakers are in a box).

Hi all

Looking to have a new setup for my desk where my computer is etc. for listening via headphones.

Just got my hi-fi out of the box for the first time in over a year, as I've been here there and everywhere.

Anyone know of any shops in London where I can view a decent selection of TVs that have been set up properly?

I've been listening to my system a lot recently and for some reason I'm feeling more and more like it's sounding worse then it was a when I pulled it together a couple of years ago.

I'm looking to buy my first turntable for as cheap as I possibly can, so obviously looking down the second-hand route.

Was wondering if anyone could help me here.

Just found out that the house I'll be living in next year has a weak freeview signal, and so as I won't have access to the main aerial this poses a problem.

I'm trying to think out the most practical solution for my bedroom next year.