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The Deezer offer is a Sonos promotion, but I believe the 5 year warranty is only by Richer Sounds.  

If you didn't like the gloss black or gloss domino effect Marantz 610 .... maybe this is more to your liking.

Simple question really ...; anyone heard one or know of a UK review?

Following on from my minor grumbles about excessively long signatures, would it be possible to add a 'my system' tab to each user's profile.

As per the topic title really ...

Just noticed in the latest versions of BlackBerry's OS10 operating system that they have added native support for the apt-x audio code for higher quality Bluetooth audio streaming (assuming you hav

Can't see to post anything anymore!


I think the time may have come for be to bid farewell to my AA CD player and it stands unused on its shelf. I can rip a CD in less than 5 minutes which is the reason the CD player never gets used.

Has anyone seen or heard one of these lately .... it seems a viable (and better looking IMO) alternative to the all-in-one Marantzes?