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Dear all,

I would like some advice regarding new TV and possible sound bar. Any advice from the guru’s on here is most welcome!

Anyone else watch the BBC series and following the ladies in thir quest for Xmas No1?


its a great story, wonderful charities being helped and i think a great song!


Hi, i might be looking to get my other half a laptop for use at home (mainly) to use for work purposes so will need to be business focused.

is on its way... not till Feb 2011 but what is the appropiate way to celebrate?

Hi WHF, do you have a contact at what car i can copy in on complaint that i am sending to renault, i know they used to sometimes take up such matters on behalf of consumers? Cheers

has anyone used these eg kindle, are they any good? any pros/cons etc...?

artice on the beeb website on this and made me think... when marley dies in marley and me, got me going mainly because it reminded me of when our family dog died years ago...

Hi, i am looking into replacing my arcam A70 (display knackered) with something else, as i have a roksan kandy CDP i was just keeping an eye out for second hand amps, but am now thinking of perh

http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/music/newsid_10000000/newsid_10003400/10003431.stm to auction off 10 yrs worth of stufff, must be hard up?

i am now a proud but tired daddy, Oliver was born on the 23rd and is doing well!