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  I intend to replace my very old Arcam Alpha 7 stereo system.(I like the sound, but technical problems with amp)

  Mainly for listening classical music

  Please help me in my  decision!

I looking for a full bodied, easy for ears sounding budget speaker for my Arcam system. I have no space for larger speakers (larger speakers=stronger bass), my room is small

  I have and Ihad  bad experience with cd players beeing noisy spinning the disc, what can be very annoying if you listen the music at low volumes and the cd player is not far away (3 m) from you.(

  I am going to replace my old Arcam Alpha7R amplifier because is very noisy (I thik it has some technical problem, I like the Arcam  sound)

  I looking for a speaker for classical music, with full bodied sound (not bass light), detalied but easy for ears sound. My system: Arcam Alpha 7R amp, Arcam CD 72

I intend to replace my Arcam Alpha 7 R amplifier.

My system: Arcam CD 72 player, Acoustic Energy Neo 1 speakers.

 The Dali Lektor 2 (very-very good sound for my taste) in my country is far more expensive :cry: than the Q Acoustics2020i or the Wharfedale Diamond 121.

 What do you think about sound quality of stereo receivers?