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Over the past year, the Kef LS50 has garnered many plaudits for its excellence and is often referred to as a 'monitor', yet seems meant to be used for amateur home use as a speaker.

Having just received - and returned - a NAD 516BEE CD player within a week for a 'clicking' fault that affected both old and new discs alike, I'm still short of a dedicated CD player.

Firstly, thanks to those on the forum who have helped me in recent months with their patient and thoughtful posts to some, perhaps obvious, questions.

Any thoughts or takers?!1-series/cper

The 103 floorstanders look nice.

I'm planning on moving my Denon M38 microsystem into the kitchen and pairing it with some new speakers (I never felt it had the oomph to get the most out of the Dali Zensor 1s, which will probably

A few questions for those with much more experience and knowledge of hi-fi gear than me:

1. In the WHF Marantz CD6005 review, it says this:

Hello all

I'm still umming and ahing over my hifi purchase.

My present thinking is:

1. Exposure 1010 amp

2. Cambridge Audio Azur 651c CD player

Hello all,

I'm still mulling over amps but have a few questions regarding features:

What does the Rotel RA-10's 2 x 40 watts mean vs Marantz PM6005 2 x 45 watts?

What speakers would match the power of amps such as these? Are there any speakers that just wouldn't work?

I notice that Marantz gets a lot of love but Cambridge Audio doesn't.