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What's wrong with the world. Why can't artist who deserve to be on the world stage be on the world stage.

Have you guys heard if Igor presnyakov.

O.k I have been listening to Gregory Porters albums off youtube via my phone through my CD recorder loop in monitor mode - it sounds fine if not as dynamic as my better CD's - into my amp

Sam Smiths "In The Lonely Hour" sound on your system?

Any of you guys ever felt like posting your system up on youtube.

Don't get me wrong just browsing, but thats a bargin right.......?

Honestly, starting to believe this new tech is more trouble than its worth.

just browsing looking at the depreciation of a few amps from the last couple of years - genuinly suprised how well the Rotel RA-1520 is holding its value, even now its been discontinued.

after reading this forum it came to light my Panasonic BDT500 may be faulty - it would not play R/RW compact disc or copy DVD's. It was returned and sent away for repair.

Was it deleted....... :?

It was here when I left yesterday now its gone, not locked or moved but gone, any chance I can get a reason.

This was a post from the 'Stop it' thread - I suspect you have moved on from that thread so I thought I 'd try requesting this in its own thread in the hope you'd oblige me. If you cannot its o.k.